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Subject: Feelings of Security, part 15Feelings of Security, part 15 by lennoxbearaol.comTom woke up feeling as if a truck had run over his head. He tried to clear
his mind but the headache was winning the battle. He was face down in bed,
with his hands tied to the headboard. He panicked for a moment but then
realized someone was in bed beside him. In fact, a very big, muscular
someone. It wasn't Eric. Tom tried to free his hands but couldn't get
loose. His movements woke the sleeping giant."Oh buddy, I'm sorry, we should have youn lolita preteens models untied you." lolita 10 yo nude Tom looked at the
ruggedly handsome man and felt his dick stirring. The guy straddled his
back to untie his hands then stretched out on top of him. "Oh man, you
feel so hot, that ass is begging for another fucking, isn't it.""Not right now, I gotta piss something fierce.""OK, water sports, sound hot to me." The big guy pulled Tom from the bed
and dragged him into the bathroom. "I'm Steve, by the way, in case you
can't remember. Mmmmm, give me that hot hole." The guy slowly slid his
dick into Tom's ass as he held Tom's cock for him to piss. Tom took 10yo lol ta model a deep
breath and let go with a long stream. Steve held his hardening cock and
slowly pushed his dick as far into Tom as he could. Tom felt himself being
filled with Steve's hot piss. Steve picked Tom up and placed him into the
bathtub to fuck the boy's ass. It was a scene Tom had not tried before and
right now he wasn't feeling like he wanted to do this despite the huge
hardon throbbing between his thick quads. Still, he had to admit his being
fucked with a belly full of hot piss was turning him on. The headache
brought him back to reality.Steve suddenly pulled out and shot hot cum over Tom's tired ass. "I'll let
you get cleaned up stud. Man you are hot." Tom stood in the shower and
watched Steve walk into the bedroom. He closed the door and cleaned
himself up. The face looking back at him in the mirror looked pretty awful
and hungover. He walked out of the bathroom and found a second huge muscle
hunk standing there with three cups of coffee."I thought you might like some coffee but didn't know how you took it so
everything is over on the dresser. I'm Bill." Tom shook the big man's
hand and felt his dick getting hard again. He was very attracted to these
two men but not at all sure what had transpired the night before. Bill was
standing over him wearing a cutoff sweatshirt and shorts with muscles on
top of muscles. He could feel the body heat emanating from him and scanned
the outline of a large cock and balls in the shorts."Do you have any aspirin?" Bill handed him a bottle of heavy-duty
painkillers and said help yourself. Tom squinted at the label and took
one. He sat down to drink the coffee."Got a bit of a hangover, eh? Doesn't surprise me. You were pretty
blottoed last night in the bar. But, buddy, can you ride a cock, wow.
It's been ages since I have had sex like that." Steve shook his head in
agreement with Bill. Bill walked behind Tom and massaged his shoulders.
Steve excused himself to take a shower."You seemed really hot for sex last night, but I think we probably took
advantage of you. I'm sorry. He kissed the back of Tom's neck. Tom was
touched by the tenderness of the big man and felt the heaviness in his
stomach come back."What hotel is this?""The Regency. Why?""I'm sorry but last night is a blur and I am sorry to not remember having
sex with you guys. You are both awesome.""Well, I think you had a good time and I hope everything will be OK.""What do you mean?""You mentioned this Eric guy several times last night. Whatever happened
between you two, work it out. You obviously love the man a lot and it
isn't worth walking away from a relationship over one argument. We've had
lots of arguments in five years but we always work it out.""That's right. I love the big lug." Steve walked out of the bathroom and
gave Bill a deep, passionate kiss. Tom watched the two men and got up to
get dressed. Bill reached over and hugged him. Tom felt his balls churn
and the need for a warm touch took over. He got on his knees on the bed."Fuck me guys, show me what happened last night." Steve flopped down in
front of Tom and fed him his big dick. Tom swallowed the dick as if he
hadn't sucked cock in months. Bill stripped and got behind Tom's hot ass
to fuck him. The two men worked over Tom for 20 minutes before shooting
huge loads on the muscle pup. They dropped onto the bed and stretched out
while Tom cleaned himself up with the wet towel. Bill watched Tom with an
intense stare, then got up and hugged him again, he gently kissed the boy
and held him close. He handed him a card with a private phone number."Call us to let us know you are OK and will be all right. We aren't really
the types to fuck and run. You seem like a good guy and I hope you clear
things up." Tom hugged the two big men and thanked them for the evening,
even though it was a blur. He walked back to the Marriott and his mind
slowly cleared in the morning sun. He knocked on the door for room 512,
but no one answered. It was 10 AM. Tom walked to his room and sat on the
edge of the bed. He felt himself getting sick and rushed to the bathroom
to throw up. Again, he faced the man with the ragged look in the mirror.
He tried calling the front desk after brushing his teeth.Mr. Stout had checked out that morning. Tom hung up the phone and gathered
his things to also check out. He tried checking the messages on the home
machine remotely. He heard Eric's cheery voice asking where he was 12year old russian lolita
and if he was OK. He was leaving in the morning and should be home by
lunchtime. Tom grabbed coffee and jumped into his russian preteen lolita bbs truck. He had no
appetite and was nauseated at the thought of food. He isn't sure how he
focused on his drive home but at 2:00 he pulled into the driveway.He unlocked the front door and illegal underground lolita pics
Eric came bouncing down the steps. "Where
have you been? Whoa, you look terrible, are you sick?" Tom collapsed into
his arms and sobbed."I've been in Chicago looking for you.""What?" Tom explained the whole trip to him and his feelings like he was
losing him. He confessed to feeling jealous to the attention Eric showed
Tony and if something were happening between him and Tony, he would try to
understand. He also explained his getting drunk and being picked up by the
two muscle guys who did heaven knows what to him. Eric listened intently
and with a blank look on his face. He turned and walked into the TV room
and sat down. Tom stood in the entryway feeling like someone had just
ripped out his insides. He didn't know if Eric was mad or hurt. He was
afraid to move and sat on the steps. He hoped the feeling in his gut would
pass, but it only grew more intense."Tom? Please come in here." Tom slowly walked into the TV room and went
to sit down in a chair across from Eric. "No, sit over here beside me."
Eric motioned to a space on the sofa. Tom sat down and felt Eric's big arm
envelope him."I should be really angry with you but I am partly to blame for this.
There is absolutely nothing sexual happening between Tony and me. I love
you. More than I can express in words to show you. I don't know how to
measure my feelings. But, I would hope we are secure enough in our
relationship that you never go through this again. Don't ever doubt my
feelings for you. Ever." He felt Tom tremble and sigh."Secondly, I went to Chicago to help Tony. And Dwayne. You remember at the
pool party, that Tony never got naked like most of our rowdy friends?
Well, he was hiding the fact that he is in an, was in, an abusive
relationship. His lover would beat him. He was covering some pretty bad
bruises on his back and legs. He confessed to Dwayne when he consented to
fool around with him. He came here to try to distance himself from his
lover, but was terrified to go home on Monday. Sunday actually. He went
to stay with friends Sunday night. On Monday, Dwayne and I helped him move
out and find a place to stay while his lover was at work. It had to be
done quickly and quietly. As it tunred out, the guy came home early and
caught us, the police were called and it got a bit ugly.'"Tony is OK and safe with friends, so his lover can't hurt him. Dwayne
really seems to like him and wants to try to help him begin a warm safe
relationship. One built on trust.""Why didn't you tell me?""I was afraid it was too close to what had happened to you and with the
trial and sentencing having just ended, thought it would be easier this
way. I was afraid that you would www home lolita tgp get depressed. I was wrong. I should
have told you.""I don't know how I would have reacted, but I think you could have told me.
I can't explain the emptiness inside when you became so quiet and distant.
I couldn't bear to not be with you. I'm sorry. I have a lot to learn.""Yes, you do." Eric rubbed Tom's head and shoulders to make him laugh. "I
am hurt that you ended up with preteen lolita sex dorki these two guys, but OK with your being
honest with me. I guess I am more hurt that you thought I quit loving you.
It would take a whole boatload of Tony's to make that happen. I love you.
No matter how many men cross my path, I want you in my home, our home, and
in my heart. You OK now?"Tom shook his head. Eric reached over and russian preteen lolita bbs turned his face to his to kiss
him. Tom felt the weight from his stomach leaving and breathed a sigh of
relief."Oh man, I'm hungry."Should this be continued? Other adventures? Any feedback?
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